Clothing in the game of golf is usually considered to be a great part of decorum when playing the game. There is no any outspoken clothing, but most of the people who play golf normally have a dress code which requires one to have in order to play. However, the dress codes are never that restrictive compared to the LPGA tour or PGA Tour. The golf clothes are designed to ensure the amateur players abide by certain protocol in order to maintain the traditions of the game of golf. It is therefore necessary to have a look at the best golf playing outfits. Don't forget to get yourself a laser rangefinder to go with your clothes :)



In almost all the courses, any golf player is always required to wear the collared shirts. This will therefore mean the polyester golf shirts, the traditional cotton or the microfiber. There are certain course managers who are also known to allow the modern style shirts that does not have turtleneck style collar. The ladies tops vary provided the all adhere to the traditional sense of modesty with or without the collars.


Men playing golf should always be in the long pants which are made from polyester blend or cotton or the dress shorts with flat or pleated front. There are some courses which will permit te men to put on jeans while other wont. Ladies should always put on the long trousers, dress shorts, the capris or what many refer to as the golf skirts. These clothes are usually made using a cut pleat or the v-notch located at the side or front to enable motion when in a golf swing. The basketball or running shorts and cutoff jeans are never allowed.


Footwear is always part of the golf game’s equipment. The golf shoes will always help in stabilizing the players swing, allow traction whenever you are walking and provide you with comfort which can last for several hours. The golf shoes normally contain spikes on the soles. Today, most of the courses will require the “soft” spikes which are made from either plastic or rubber and not the traditional metal.  There are other types of shoes which are always capable of offering the same stability and comfort though they are usually not permitted. Some golf courses are known to allow the running shoes and sneakers but this is not that common.


Just like wearing socks with any other footwear, socks are also necessary when wearing the golf shoes. Over a period of time, socks have developed to become important golf attire since the advancements in fibers will help in keeping the golfer more comfortable and his/her fit dry. The golf socks are usually made in a variety of styles. Most of the golfers who put on shorts always choose the ankle length socks which are barely visible above the shoes.


The golf hats in most cases are never specified in the dress code. However, having a head gear is considered to be more appropriate. The visors or the baseball style hats are known to be the most popular on the golf course. Their main function is normally to provide some protection from the sun rays.

Women’s Best Attire


In most of the golf courses around, women are always asked to put on blouses with sleeves or the sleeveless blouses with collars. One of the most popular women tops for golfers is the polo style shirt. The golf tops usually come in a variety of colors and designs.


The Jackets and Sweaters

Dressing in layers is a common habit to most golfers. Putting on a sweater or a vest over a turtleneck is a great option in any cool day. You can also put on the light jacket, button down shirt or the wind shirt to provide additional cover.




In fall or spring, the slacks are the most common type of bottoms which are worn by women on a golf course. During the warmer days, one is always advised to put on the shorter slacks such as crops, capris or shorts.

The short pants should always be knee length.


Head Covering

It is advisable to wear a cap or a visor in order to protect your eyes from the sun or protect your skin. With the huge number of styles, fabrics and colors available, selecting a head covering can be a great experience. Some of the options include crocheted caps and straw. The designer caps are also known to be very popular in the course.


Shoes and socks


The golf shoes are paramount in nearly all the golf courses. Most golf courses will require the spikes to be non-metal. With the golf dresses, shorter pants and shorts, the low socks are usually popular. You can always put on the crew socks with colors matching the pants when in longer pants.